Versatile and temperamental, Bana Banana is becoming a Main Dish in any good "Burlesque Restaurant". Finalist in the first Fish & Whips Burlesque Festival (Berlin, 2011), Best Comic Act at the Munich Burlesque Festival (2013), Most Original Performance at the Caribbean Burlesque Festival (Jamaica, 2014). Guest in the 1st Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award (Rome, 2013) and in the 4th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2014. Queen of Italy (Milan,Pavia, 2015).

Producer and Haus Star in Lillys Wonderland Bar (Berlin, closed in May 2015), Producer and Star in Der Grüne Engel (Cabaret & Burlesque Show, Berlin).

Well know between the Cabaret Performance Scene in Berlin since the last 6 years, we can consider her as a real Berliner: Sexy, Dark, Pimp, Funny and always Elegant: When you see her on can't stay calm in your seat!